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Atlanta, GA

JayLiJaz Publishing, Inc.

I'm A Sucker For You

A snippet from Passion Unleashed

Damn, I felt hypnotized by her splendor. She had big brown eyes with intricately placed freckles around her cheeks and either side of her perfectly shaped nose. Her hair was short… as if she didn’t want there to be any distractions to the masterpiece our creator blessed her (and my eyes) with.

Her lips, her neck, her ample breast and curvaceous hips each sang a different melody to me. Her eyes daring me to get to know her mind before exploring her body.


It felt as if she was telling me “make love to my mind and I promise you will experience things with me that many couldn’t even envision; let alone get an opportunity to experience in their lives!” She said all of that to me without even parting her lips.

She looked down and saw the book I was reading ~ Desire by RF Amos. RF was definitely one of my favorite authors. Lately erotica had been my genre of choice.

“So, you like erotica, huh?” She asked; slowly, deliberately licking her lips.

“Most definitely. You?” I asked, smiling way too much I was sure.

“It seems we have something in common.” She said and motioned over to a table in the corner.

“So, what do you think about the book?” She said walking towards the bistro table in the corner; sipping a little of her coconut latte. 

I have to admit, I did stalk her when she placed her order. How else would I know her name was Briar?

“I’m Briar and you are?” She asked before taking another sip of her latte.

“Briar, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m McKenna.” I said extending my hand.

“Yes it is very nice to meet you. She smiled, taking my hand. “So… the book. What are your thoughts?” She repeated with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“I’m enjoying it. I love the descriptiveness of her stories. I feel physically connected to each word; every syllable. It’s as if I’ve been transported into the pages of her books; becoming a character myself.” I smiled, hoping she understood what I


My mind wandered to the moments of self-gratification that my body experienced with every page turn. There were times that I couldn’t get through a story before my fingers made their way to my...